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About Us

Welcome to Raconteur House. We are a publishing house that focuses on young adult and new adult books. We take pride in publishing books that are good, clean entertainment.


How We Came To Be

Raconteur House was founded by a frustrated author that couldn't find an established publishing house willing to take her on. The reason for their rejection was simple: Her books didn't follow the standard fantasy formula. There was no evil overlord bent on destroying the world, no over-powered Byronic hero to take him on, no grand quest to embark upon. Because it wasn't the same as every other fantasy book, no agent would take a chance on it. Frustrated, she fell to self-publishing and discovered that the public was just as tired of the same old pattern as she had been. Her books sold world-wide in barely four months. 

Now, she and her colleagues are determined to help other young authors to see the same success she did. The Raconteur House team is dedicated to finding good writing full of fresh ideas and the unusual approach being put into print for all and sundry to read.

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