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Breaking and Entering 101

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The Case Files of Henri Davenforth:  Case File 4

Since Jamie and Henri agreed to be Kingsmen consultants, they’d not had much call to actually consult. Which is a fortuitous thing, as Henri is up to his neck in labwork and interviews for a new Magical Examiner due to Sanderson’s departing. He is hardly in any position to add more tasks onto his shoulders.


Which, naturally, means two disasters strike at once.


In a brilliant coup, a group of thieves have struck the railroad and stolen a breathtaking three hundred thousand pounds in gold. No one has any idea how, who, or where the ingots have gotten to. The Kingsmen on the case are baffled, as this is hardly their normal purview. They naturally reach out to their Kingsmen consultants, which mean Jamie and Henri are now on the week-old case.

To spice things up further, someone is routinely sneaking through the palace wards and lurking about the grounds, and no one has any idea how the breach is occurring. Seaton’s beside himself trying to figure it out and Henri has been drawn in to assist him.


As Jamie would say: When it rains, it pours.

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