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Deepwoods by Honor Raconteur

Deepwoods  Book 1

Siobhan Maley might be guildmaster to a rowdy bunch, and certainly traveling the width and breadth of the four continents has given her interesting experiences over the years. But she’s never been called to do a rescue mission before. Who would be foolhardy enough to pick such a dangerous fight by kidnapping the daughter of the most powerful guildmaster in Robarge?  


Siobhan has no idea what they’re walking into, but expects trouble. She gets more than she bargained for, as events take several dangerous twists and turns. There’s clearly a conspiracy within a tangled web of lies, and Siobhan is hard pressed to sort it out—much less keep her people safe on the road. She’s forced to use a deadly assassin from a dark guild as a guide, which is dangerous enough, but Rune’s not all as he appears.


In fact, nothing is.

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