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Echoes by Honor Raconteur

Familiar and the Mage  Book 4

With the root of all evil—at least in Bannen’s opinion—behind lock and key, the team is finally free to do something else with their lives. Bannen quite looks forward to living in Gargan, the new house being built, with the occasional mission to spice things up.

Sure, the MISD thinks he needs therapy after everything he’s lived through in the past three years. But Bannen is reasonably sure he can get around that. They just need the downtime necessary to get Chi through therapy, as he’s the one who actually needs it. Peace and relaxation, that’s the theme of the day.

So someone needs to explain to him how they ended up chasing after a rumored Void Mage, tunneling through mountains, and embroiling themselves into a danger that not even the giants of Gargan want to face.
Because that is not Bannen’s idea of a good adventure. 

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