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                                                                        Being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done.


                                                                       Our Heroine: still me.  A sleep-deprived me, which, considering I’m a 

                                                                       murder and ten cups of coffee away from showing my displeasure to

                                                                       the world, and there’re clans to save, is not a good combination.


                                                                       Fixing the ancient Hub transportation system is becoming more and

                                                                       more of a priority in order to help with situations like, oh, THE AMAZON

                                                                       BURNING DOWN. Only problem? We don’t know where the Hub is. Or

                                                                       how it was built. Or why it was shut down to begin with.


                                                                       Houston, we have all the problems.


                                                                       Is it too much to ask for an alien abduction?

The Imagineer Series  Grimoire 2

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