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Fallen Ward

Fallen Ward by Honor Raconteur

Deepwoods  Book 3

“Siobhian-jia. Something is amiss?”


“I don’t know. That’s the problem. Ryu Jin Ho-zhi. I need you to think like a strategist for a moment. If someone were to tell you about the situation in Fallen Ward, all the facts that we heard yesterday, what would you do?”


Ryu Jin Ho’s dark eyes focused on her face in a penetrating way. “Is this question purely academic?”


“No. Rune is missing and we don’t know where he went. I suspect it has something to do with what he learned this morning, which was all about the condition of Fallen Ward.”


“So what you are truly asking me is, if I were Rune, and I learned all of that, what would I do?”


“Yes. You’re both students of Hyun Woo. Knowing strategy as you do, knowing Rune’s skills, what do you predict he will do?”


Ryu Jin Ho didn’t even think about it for a full second before he answered her. “Assassinate the Guildmaster of Fallen Ward.”

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