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Author Gavin Driskell

There are certain events that occur in life that are so revelatory and make such an indelible impression on our minds that they cause us to re-order our tiny little section of the universe. Most are too private to share, but one that is quite relevant relates to the author’s discovery of Middle Earth courtesy of a mother who wanted her son to develop her love of reading. Well, let’s just say it worked.


And if J.R.R. Tolkien started it, J.K. Rowling finished it. As an adult, after reading

most of the Harry Potter series to his children, the author realized the time had come for him to carve out some of his own space.

Gavin Driskell
Finius Murk
Finius Murk and the House of Cards by Gavin Driskell

Finius Murk

and the

House of Cards

Book 1

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