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Guardian Last

Lords of Syon Saga  Book 2

Guardian Last by Jordan MacLean



The land of Syon's ancestors. Land unseen for millennia. Powerful. Unreachable.


Renda of Brannagh is in her element again but at a terrible cost. She has seen everything she fought to protect, everything she loved, destroyed in the space of a season. Despite the crippling loss, she knows she will have to sacrifice more, for the only way to win this new war against those who destroyed her home is to hunt them all the way back to theirs: Byrandia.


Chul is tired of gods playing with him, tired of no longer knowing what to think and feel about everything he's learned--about his own people

and those his people call Invaders. Of reconciling the forbidden knowledge and his people's history--and their future.


Gikka wishes she had disobeyed Lady Renda's orders and fought at her side. Now she must rejoin the missing knights, but to have any chance against this mysterious enemy, she knows they must also find her wayward Dith.


Dith's power is growing at a fantastic rate and getting harder and harder to control. With the terrible secrets he learned in Galorin's Keep, he knows he must reach Byrandia, no matter the cost.


Daerwin is devastated by his losses at Brannagh. But his suspicions about the enemy they face are so terrifying that he cannot afford to face his heartache. He only hopes that with victory comes vengeance.


And Trocu Damerien knows that the prophecy is progressing rapidly. The time to return to Byrandia has come.

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