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Midnight Quest

Midnight Quest by Honor Raconteur

Jewel Jomadd is not a likely heroine for any tale. She's not a warrior, has no magical abilities, and the only weapon she has is her sharp tongue. To make matters worse, she's blind. Hardly the qualifications for the leading role.


Jewel isn’t one for borrowing trouble, and she’s never left Belthain Castle in her short nineteen years. But being a Priestess of Elahandra seems to come hand in hand with trouble. As soon as she steps into her position, her goddess gives her an impossible task: go find the missing four crystals that have been lost for the past two hundred years and put them back in place.


She would love to know how she became the heroine of some non-existent tale, gallivanting around Evard dodging bounty hunters, Minister lackeys, Daath assassins, irate politicians, and childish gods when all she wanted was normalcy. She really would.

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