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Call to Quarters

Call to Quarters

Since the days of Merlin, there have been magicians that aid king and country.


In modern times, they are known as the Gældorcræft Forces. They do everything that needs to be done, from disaster relief to keeping giant cities afloat – like Los Angeles.


Investigating explosions at Air Force Research Labs are outside of the norm, but this explosion doesn’t follow the rules either. It happens nearly right on top of a leyline and the damage it causes is considerable.


Noriko is new to California, new to the GF, and has a brand new partner to boot. She wanted to have an easy first week of work, just to adjust to things, but instead she’s thrown head first into a case that is snowballing in complexity.


Time is definitely ticking because if they don’t figure it out, then all of California is going to wind up in the ocean.

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    Gaeldorcraeft Forces 1

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