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Charms and Death and Explosions (oh my!)

Charms and Death and Explosions (oh my!)

Humanity seems determined to come up with increasingly clever ways to murder one another. They seize upon new technological advances in a way that’s alarming, their creativity and blood-thirstiness knowing no bounds.


When a charm maker is blown up inside his own vehicle, for once it’s not Henri Davenforth’s expertise needed: it’s Jamie Edwards’, the Shinigami Detective. Car bombs are something only she has ever dealt with. However, it soon becomes evident that the dead charm maker dabbled in something he should not have, inciting disastrous results.


The dangers he unleashed upon Kingston threaten thousands of lives and it launches a race requiring not only Jamie and Henri’s expertise, but the Kingsmen’s as well to beat the menace spreading through the city.


Meanwhile, the murderer is still at large, leaving Henri and Jamie to wonder: what will blow next?

  • Series

    The Case Files of Henri Davenforth

    Case File 2

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