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Grimoires and Where to Find Them

Grimoires and Where to Find Them

How do you catch an elusive thief?


There is nothing more delightful than a bookfaire with his lady love. At least, until Henri learns that a grimoire belonging to the dangerous Reaper’s Set has been stolen without its protective box. When Henri and Jamie go looking for answers, they are horrified to discover more than one volume has been stolen.


Jamie has never seen Henri so livid or frightened. The spells in the grimoires, unchecked, are powerful enough to make a building melt. Literally. Melt. They need to find them quickly, for the war-era grimoires could tear the city apart--and have already gotten a head start.


With the thief nowhere to be found and still stealing grimoires, Jamie, Henri, and Seaton are more than ready to catch him.




And thank you.

  • Series

    The Case Files of Henri Davenforth  Case 6

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