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Master of Tomes

Master of Tomes

Mei’s checklist for the next year is simple. On the surface, at least.


Travel into the past to get the necessary instructions - check.


Travel back into the present to defeat Odom, Zaffi, and Kovel Below - check.


Actually defeat Odom, Zaffi, and Kovel Below - well...that’s a work in progress.


Mei Li and her team of experts have no time to catch their breath before the next wave of magical problems hit them. Saving the world will take stamina, patience, magic, and time. And a little help from dragons.


And by a little, she means a lot.


Mei Li is ready for the world-ending disasters to be over, please and thank you.

  • Series

    The Tomes of Kaleria

    Tome 3

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