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The Scofflaw Magician

The Scofflaw Magician

Sevana’s peaceful routine is abruptly destroyed when a Sa Kaon army invades Noppers Woods, fully intending to declare war on the Fae that live there. Princess Amas of Sa Kao has gone missing, disappearing so completely that it’s believed she must have been spirited away, and Sa Kao blames the Fae.


Knowing full well the Fae are not behind the abduction of the princess, Sevana goes to investigate and finds that it’s not just one princess missing, but a good dozen people, all in the same way. Now she has to figure out how and why and do so quickly. The spell used to take these people is fading fast. If Sevana doesn’t find a way to reverse what has been done, then there won’t be anyone left for her to save.

  • Series

    The Artifactor

    Book 3

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