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Tie Me Knot

Tie Me Knot


So far, while working at a ghost matchmaking agency, the past week has gone thusly:


1) a murdered ghost bride who is very very pissed off (don’t blame her, I’d be pissed off too)


2) adopted by Chinese hellhounds (I THOUGHT THEY WERE DOGS, OKAY)


3) wake up magically soul-bonded to the sexy demon slayer Zhen (While I agree he’s -expansive hand waving- HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!)


I do not need a fourth incident to make my life more interesting, please and thank you.


Spoiler alert: I get one anyway.






Magically bonded, insta husband just add ghost, speed marriage?, ghost matchmaking, ghosts deserve love too, Kris might have accidentally been feeding Chinese hellhounds, oops?, chosen family, Kris and Zhen actually communicate, buying hardcovers is a marriage proposal, just ask Kris, demon slayer on crutches can still fight, as the bad guys find out, whole story is just mindless violence and fluff, Zhen is a walking green flag, Chinese mythology, multicultural romance, ghostly shenanigans ensue, seeing ghosts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

  • Series

    Ghost Cupid - Book 1

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