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Warlords Ascending

Warlords Ascending

Earth Mage Rhebentrev’noren never expected to be warlord of anywhere, much less Khobunter. For that matter, he never expected to receive orders directly from a Gardener, which is an experience and a half all by itself. Not that he can properly dwell on it, with everything else demanding his attention.


In this harsh, desert land, the new warlords are missing half of the resources they require. They need to build their own magical academy, but sorely lack enough trained magicians to run it. They need to conquer the rest of Riyu without making the same mistakes they did at Alred Watchtower, but don’t possess the means to pull it off. Willpower, dragons, and magic can only carry them so far. They need more allies and time to gather them with.


Unfortunately, the remaining warlords of Khobunter have no intention of giving them that time.

  • Series

    Warlords  Book 2

    (An Advent Mage Novel #8)

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