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Sword of Hemlock

Sword of Hemlock by Jordan MacLean

Lords of Syon Saga  Book 1

"Renda, you miss the war like an old love, and in the missing, you forget the bad of it. The dead, the maimed. Sure you'd not take it all back."


"Would I not?"


For Renda of Brannagh, born and raised to be a knight, peace doesn't sit well. Gone is the confident commander in charge of an army. In her place is a woman crude and foreign, a knight in masque as a noblewoman. She wishes for nothing more than to return to battle.

Until her seven year old niece goes missing, setting off a chain of events that leave Renda longing for the peace so ardently scorned. 

The gods bound and chained. 

Renda and her knights fight to save the kingdom from a faceless enemy bent on the ruination of Syon. But through it all, she struggles to combine Renda the knight and Renda the maid, to learn what she lacks, in order to come into her own. 

For prophecy is a delicate thing.

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