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Author A.M. Mahler

Anne Marie holds a Bachelor's in Fine Arts-Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She writes in the contemporary romance, fantasy, and historical fiction genres and released her first novel in June 2017. 


Anne Marie started writing young adult novels in high school before turning to journalism and then ultimately, returning to fiction. She first picked up a pen and notebook in high school as a young girl struggling to make sense of issues teenagers deal with. The more she wrote, the more she realized she had things

to say that might benefit others, or at the very least, spin an entertaining light on the confusion of growing up.


Ultimately, Anne Marie has three fiction series she's looking to begin publishing and working steadily on each one. Her professional goal is to establish a loyal reader base that she can interact with. Success comes in many forms and while seeing her work on the New York Times Bestseller list has always been a goal of hers, sharing her work with readers who can enjoy and reread it over and over is the ultimate success.

A.M. Mahler
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The Guardian


First book in The Guardians of Eternal Life series

The Guardians of Eternal Life
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The Guardian

Book 1

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