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The Guardian

The Guardians of Eternal Life Book 1

guardian cover.jpg

Nora is everything a proper young woman in the 1800’s should be: skilled at hunting, adept at espionage, and not afraid to kill a man.


Oh, and she’s over a century old.


As Guardian of the mythological Philosopher’s Stone, Nora has spent the last eighty years running from the evil Lord Rogan, who is desperate to obtain the stone’s powers for himself. For years she has sought out the others who can help her on her quest to discover the stone’s true potential: the Scholar, the Healer, the Fox, and her prophesied Warrior.


But with no sign of the others, and Lord Rogan drawing ever closer, Nora’s time may finally be running out…


Jack Justice doesn’t believe in love, faith, and especially magic. But when he finds himself ensnared in Nora’s strange quest, he begins to question everything he once believed about the world. As Jack and Nora evade danger at every turn, leaving a trail of bodies behind them, Jack also finds himself battling his heart. Does he accept his place beside her or return to the world he once knew? And can he decide before Rogan manages to defeat them once and for all?

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