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Arrows of Change

Arrows of Change by Honor Raconteur

Kingmakers  Book 1

“Be part of building a new kingdom, eh? Well, I admit that be an offer a man does no’ get every day. What say ye, daughter?”


“We came looking for work. I say this fits the bill.”


Broden and his daughter Riana have spent their lives as archers and hunters for their mountain village—and outcasts as well. When the infamous Court Wizard of Estole shows up, they discover they have the special affinity for magic he desperately needs. The two eagerly agree to his offer of becoming wizard-partners with him and his sister, but neither Broden nor Riana really know what to expect. Estole is a new country, only months old, and rife with problems as the new king tries to create a government, new laws, and fight off the old country he absconded from.  They quickly learn that it will take every ounce of skill they have to keep their new countrymen alive and safe.

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