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Book 1 of the Advent Mage Cycle

Twenty of them finally poured out into the open street. They quickly split up, coming in at a full run that slowed about ten feet away from us. I watched with a cynical eye as they spread out in a semi-circle, blocking our path. One of them, judging from the red piping in the dusky brown uniform he wore, was the Squad Captain. He advanced a step in front of his men. 


“We have detected someone with magical abilities. Hand them over immediately, and your lives will be spared.”

Oh please. Spare me the lies. Without any encouragement on my part, Night took a step forward, drawing the captain’s eyes to me. I straightened to my full height, looking down at him coldly. 


“I am Rhebengarthen, Earth Mage and child of the Jaunten. Who are you to stand in my way?”

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