Ever since the Great Magic War of 200 years ago, mages have been extinct. Garth is not happy being the first mage to awaken, for Chahir persecutes not only those who have magic, but their families as well. He manages to make it across to Hain in time, though not before being turned into one of the legendary Jaunten along the way.


As Garth learns and practices his new magic in safety, more and more mages are awakening in his home country.  Unable to leave them in danger, Garth and a team of soldiers set forth to rescue all magicians from Chahir.


And if it just so happens that he's the mage of prophecy, destined to Balance their world, well, at least he has help.

  • Jaunten by Honor Raconteur


    Book 1

  • Magus by Honor Raconteur


    Book 2

  • Advent by Honor Raconteur


    Book 3

  • Balancer by Honor Raconteur


    Book 4

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One compendium and two standalone novels featuring characters from the Advent Mage Cycle.

The Compendium is a collection of scenes removed from the Advent Mage Cycle quartet.


The Dragon's Mage tells the story of Fire Mage Krys and his dragon Kaya as they hunt for an arsonist.


The Lost Mage tells the story of Super Soldier Shad and his quest to find the lone Weather Mage, Becca.

  • Advent Mage Compendium by Honor Raconteur


    Extra stories

  • The Dragon's Mage by Honor Raconteur


    Book 5

  • The Lost Mage by Honor Raconteur


    Book 6

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On a search for dragons, mages Becca, Trev'nor, and Nolan are captured in a country that believes magicians are nothing more than slaves. And while fighting against an entire country is not something just three people can handle - even if they are prodigy mages - they don't have much of a choice. There is an abhorrent evil right in front of their eyes and they have one of two options: fight or flee.

Unfortunately for Khobunter, no one has ever taught them how to run.

  • Warlords Rising by Honor Raconteur


    Book 1

    (Advent Novel 7)

  • Warlords Ascending by Honor Raconteur


    Book 2

    (Advent Novel 8)

  • Warlords Reigning by Honor Raconteur


    Book 3

    (Advent Novel 9)

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