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Warlords  Book 3

(Advent Mage Novel   Book 9)

The Empire of Sol is satisfied that the new Warlords of Khobunter intend to be good neighbors. The problem is, neither Becca nor Trev’nor can rightfully claim to be warlords over all of Khobunter. They still have two pesky warlords to either charm into surrendering or take by brute force.


Becca doesn’t like her odds in conquering Von.


The last warlord in the north has made it very clear that the new warlords can take the territory over his dead body. And Von supports it by gathering every able magician he possesses into his stronghold.



It will take considerable magic and might to break through, and the potential for damage near catastrophic. Becca quickly realizes that they’re not going to breach the walls, not with the force she has available, but they don’t have the time for a leisurely siege. There’s only one option left to them—the very thing Becca swore they’d never do: call home for help.


And pray someone answers.

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