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Warlords  Book 1

(Advent Mage Novel   Book 7)

Weather Mage Riicbeccaan has a plan. As plans go, this is a pretty good one. Officially, she needs to go into the Khobunter-Libendorf area to figure out what is messing with her weather patterns. Unofficially, since they are going that far north, it’s the perfect opportunity to get dragons. Sure, traveling that direction is dangerous, but with Trev’nor and Nolan going along, there isn’t much to worry about, as three full-trained mages can handle just about anything.


But from the moment the three set foot in Khobunter, nothing goes according to plan. The whole world knows that Khobunter is a political mess, but there’s another, darker layer underneath it all that no one speaks of. The three prodigy mages are ensnared by it before they can fully comprehend what’s going on.


Fighting against an entire country is not something that just three people can handle, even if they are mages. Becca, Nolan, and Trev’nor don’t have much of a choice, though. There is an abhorrent evil right in front of their eyes and they only have one of two options: fight or flee.


Unfortunately for Khobunter, no one has ever taught them how to run.

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